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50th anniversary souvenir book

The ILL was founded on 19 January 1967. Its high-flux reactor started delivering neutrons for science in 1972 and since then is the major steady state neutron source in the world.

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What is the ILL?

50th anniversary souvenir book


This collection of personal recollections is not intended to be a historical account of the ILL. Our aim was simply to give some of the many people who have contributed to the life of the ILL the opportunity to share their experiences, and to record these memories. The key periods of these past five decades are described by those who experienced them first-hand.

Of course, these memories are personal and subjective. This is both their strength and their weakness. We are also very aware that there are many other people who could have contributed to this book. We nevertheless hope that it strikes a chord with everyone. If not.... the next chapters are waiting to be written.


NB: More often than not the authors tell their story in their mother tongue, but you will find English and French translations of the texts by clicking on the links in red on most of the pages.

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