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ILL key dates

The ILL was founded on 19 January 1967. Its high-flux reactor started delivering neutrons for science in 1972 and since then is the major steady state neutron source in the world.

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What is the ILL?

ILL key dates

1967: The ILL is founded on January 19th by France and Germany

1968: Landscaping

1969: Start of work on the reactor floor and walls

1970: Installation of the Level D crane

1971: Construction complete
          The reactor went critical on August 31, ramping to full power on December 16-21

1972: First experiments. Ipoustéguy's sculpture is installed

1973: The UK becomes an Associate on January 1st

1976: The European Molecular Biology Laboratory outstation is established on the site

1979: The 'Deuxième souffle' modernisation programme

1981: The Intergovernmental Agreement is extended to December 1992

1984: Decision to build the ESRF in Grenoble, on the ILL / EMBL research site

1985: Improved version of the vertical cold source

1987: New horizontal cold source

1991-1995: Replacement of the reactor vessel

1994: ESRF starts operations; its first experiments

1995: Restart of the "new" reactor

2000: Launch of the "Millennium Programme" for the modernisation of instruments

2002: ILL is a founding member of EIROFORUM

2002-2007: Refit programme, with improvements to security and seismic reinforcements

2003: The new hot source is installed

2006: Inauguration of the Carl-Ivar Brändén Building, host to the Partnership for Structural Biology, the UVHCI, and the Deuteration lab

2006: H1/H2 guide renewal

2010: Transfer from the CEA to the ILL of environmental monitoring responsibilities

2010: Launch of the EPN science campus

2013: The Intergovernmental Agreement is extended to 2023

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