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Bachelor summer programme 2013

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UJF / ILL / ESRF Bachelor summer programme 2013

3rd June to 13th July 2013

The ILL and the ESRF have teamed up with the University Joseph Fourier (UJF) in Grenoble to put into place a Bachelor Program.

The program addresses 2nd to 4th year science students who are keen to study at UJF and want to meet students from all over the word while gaining simultaneously credits from their home university.
The 6 week program offers scientific courses taught in English and French classes.
It is an important aspect of the program to make students discover different aspects of French life through cultural excursions within the city and in its beautiful mountain environment.

Tuition fees amount to 500 € plus costs for accommodation and insurance. To help cover these costs, ESRF and ILL are offering grants to four selected students.

The beneficiaries equally profit from a two-week placement in a research group at the ILL or ESRF (from 15-26 July 2013) directly after completion of the program at the university.

To be considered for a grant students should select the course on “large-scale facilities” on the application form and check the box “interested in the research programme at the ESRF/ILL/EMBL". 

The deadline for applications is 22nd March 2013.

Please see here the presentation flyer of the programme.

Description of the Program

The program is composed of one physics course (from a choice of two), which is taught in English, and a French language and civilisation course. 

The physics course comprises 60 hours of lectures, tutorials, laboratory work, as well as visits of the ILL, ESRF and EMBL. The French language and civilization course comprises 45 hours of classes, which are supplemented by cultural visits in and around Grenoble.

No previous knowledge of the French language is required.


Physics Course

Title: Introduction to large scale facilities: probing matter with neutron and synchrotron radiation.

Students applying for an ESRF or ILL grant need to chose this course.

Prerequisites: wave propagation and interference phenomena, general background in quantum mechanics.

Topic: Introduction to crystallography and other neutron and synchrotron techniques. Application to the study of structure in condensed matter and in other domains such as biology and earth science.

The courses will be taught on the University campus.

Accommodation in student housing will be organized by the University.

Successful completion of the course gains students 10 European academic credits (ECTS).

See also the Université Joseph Fourier website