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The 2013 Walter Haelg prize awarded to Joe Zaccaï

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The 2013 Walter Hälg Prize awarded to Joe Zaccai

19 June 2013

The ILL is delighted to offer its warmest congratulations to Giuseppe Zaccai, who has just been awarded the prestigious Walter Hälg prize by the European Neutron Scattering Association. The jury praised Joe for his “pioneering contributions to the application of neutron scattering to a range of biophysical and biochemical problems in biology, which has provided important insights in the debate on the relationship between molecular structure and dynamics and biological function, and for his leading advocacy of the role of neutron scattering in biological research.”

Perhaps as a result of his own multi-cultural background, Joe has always liked to break down barriers, particularly those between different scientific fields. Supported at the start of his career by former ILL director Bernard Jacrot, Joe was able to develop his research at the frontier between physics and biology.
Joe arrived at the ILL in 1974, then left to take up a post at the CNRS, before becoming director of the molecular biophysics laboratory at Institute of Structural Biology (IBS). He then returned to the ILL, then back to the CNRS, and so on...

Wherever he was officially working, however, Joe’s steps invariably took him most of the time to the ILL and to neutrons. He participated in developing biology on many ILL instruments, D16, D11 and D22, IN5, IN6, IN13, IN16. As a result, Joe has always played a key role in promoting the benefits of neutrons in the search to improve our knowledge of biomolecular structures and dynamics.

The ILL is delighted that Joe’s work has been rewarded in this way and is extremely proud to have enjoyed almost 40 years of collaboration and friendship with him.