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ILL fuel elements - 2.04.2012

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On 2 April, a press release was issued by Greenpeace and reported in a number of newspapers, stating that a cargo of uranium for delivery to the ILL was about to be shipped across the Atlantic under dubious safety conditions.

Although the ILL does indeed procure its uranium from the United States, both the dates and the conditions of the transport operation are clearly incorrect. For obvious security reasons, the ILL does not make public its fuel’s itinerary.

It should be remembered that the ILL is a research institute which uses the neutrons produced by its reactor for scientific research covering a broad range of application areas, including the design of clean fuels and engines, biological processes and the electronic devices of tomorrow.  
The level of enrichment of the uranium used provides the ILL with the most intense neutron source in the world, making the Institute an undisputed leader in its field.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.