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User guide

The ILL is dedicated to helping its visiting researchers to make the most of its facilities. Neutron beams and instrument access are provided free of charge for proposers of accepted experiments.

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User guide

User Club

The ILL User Club provides online access to all the information and administrative tools for our scientific visitors, presented in a user friendly environment.

User Guide

With its remarkable Alpine setting, Grenoble is a centre of scientific activity second to none, drawing enormous potential from the fact that it is home to a number of national and international institutes and laboratories.

Playing host to some 6000 scientists a year the joint ILL-EMBL-ESRF site offers a privileged environment in which to meet and conduct research.


Our User Guide provides all the practical information required to help you prepare your visit to the ILL. It includes:

And if you are going to have some free time you can also consult the Time Out section.


If you have questions or comments about our User Guide please contact SCO